Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Start The Summer

There are few songs that have so profoundly evoked the emerald green explosiveness, the mosquito-bite madness, the humid-night / riled-up run-amok, the fulsome fire heat, head-on-a-swivel, super-soaker-slip-and-slide, bike-breaking NOWNESS of SUMMER TIME ...MORE....than THIS song.

I know it's the middle of the year, right now, and we should probably follow-suit of other blogs and reel off a list of the "Best So Far." But it's 2014 and you don't need a blog to do that for you. You have your own list.

Today's my brother's birthday - so, fittingly, I'm unabashedly bucking "internet" trends and "looking back" at an "older" song -that features two BROTHERS at the front of it (with an awesome Kalamazoo-bred drummer keeping time). This song IS summer.

So happy summer.

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