Friday, January 8, 2016

Local Music Love: Chris Bathgate / Sound and Silence

The delicate and devastating Chris Bathgate has emerged; the fog is clearing, we can hear alert commotions peeling from the lighthouse bell, heads from the shore turn, arch back, we peer out toward the tide to see which boat is pulling into the bay: It's Bathgate.

His voice as ephemeral as dust yet as heavy as a hammer, his careful balance of baroque instrumentation, Americana twang and rustic folk, sutured with embattled sentiments, of hope and of disenchantment. That guttural, throat-clearing sigh you emote... It's natural. It's Bathgate.

You can hear the full, finished version of his new single "Calvary" (off of the forthcoming Old Factory, via Quite Scientific) over here at NPR

To somewhat bring you up to date (almost...), you can read an interview I conducted with Chris back in mid-April of 2015 HERE


While you're here, though... Why not check out some more local music. The exceptional music blog Sound and Silence (who, we should note, has a considerable soft spot for Michigan Music,) went and curated a fine playlist via Spotify, featuring Protomartyr, Turn To Crime, Jamaican Queens, Valley Hush and MORE. CHECK IT OUT

Catch up on the most recent interview I conducted with Sound and Silence HERE.

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