Tuesday, March 18, 2008

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My Dear, Watson!

My button says “Great.” Another button has a cartoonish Stephen King portrait. Another may have bubonic plague and another yet an algebra equation. I’ve known guitarist Nicholas Koenig for a while, (as bassist from the heavily-melodic indie trio, You Look Adopted, somewhat post-punk or art-rock, somewhat electro-folk) but since he moved to Ferndale I found out this ever-shifting homemade button project of his is just the tip of unobstructed forceful flow of creation from the CCS student, be it collage, music, writing or bottle-cap-buttons with pop-can tabs and safety pins.

(As we walk out of the coffee shop he stops a stranger, catching her off guard with the hurried question, ‘You wanna button?’ She takes one. She likes it. She’s got the only one like it.)

Nick’s new musical project, unhinged and amorphous, is My Dear, Watson, (including friends and band members from You Look Adopted: Eric Daniel and Eric Schmeling, the skilled guitar-whizzes to Koenig’s obsessive-self-taught-basement noodler.)

“It’s very-highly-experimental,” said Koenig, 20. “It’s hard for me to differentiate between art, music and writing; they’re all very connected.”

You Look Adopted (which is kind of floating in and out of hiatus these days) has one full length recorded with a second LP’s worth of material ready to be recorded. Daniel and Schmeling guitar workings are intricate, inventive with spacey pedal pushed tones and hooks that can be sweet one measure and jarring the next. My Dear Watson, by its most glaring contrast, lacks vocals (of Daniel) and thrives on nebulous guitar experimentation.

MDW’s EP, ‘Archaic’ is 5 instrumentals with a trio of guitars, seemingly wandering, but loosely structured. The compositions unfurl themselves at their own pace and accelerate whimsically, forming a very cerebral trip. Though each live show has had shifting line-ups, Koenig has been the constant. And, he assures, songs are never reliant to stay the same song from show to show. There are no influences. “The sound could have been anything,” said Koenig, “…which is still where I’m trying to push it…”

“You Look Adopted has ‘a sound,’” said Nick, “we’re a band and we sound like___, but when I try to explain MDW it’s like, well, I wrote a couple of songs that sound like God Speed, or a couple that sounded like Explosions in the Sky, and that’s like…that day. It’s this ambiguous genre, I listen to everything.”

Even though the music’s always different, it’ll always from the same source.

Find Nick, you’ll get a button. Scrummage University on Saturday.

Later on, toward the end of the month, the annual Keweenawesomefest, up on the highest point of the upper peninsula, near the old copper mining community, there will gather a mighty and merry indie-rock, electronic and folk festival for 2 days of non-stop musical performances.

check out here for the line up: http://www.myspace.com/keweenawesomefest


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