Tuesday, March 18, 2008


To celebrate/mourn/reflect/honor one of Ferndale's great resources for music, media and an overall social crossroads for the arts community, Record Time (the second location of Mike Hime's vinyl franchise after the Roseville store) will come to an end with a 2-day festival of music: electronic, dance and rock - featuring DJ's all day on Friday, 12noon to 10pm and live bands (rock, punk and electro-pop/dance) all day on Saturday, 3pm to 12midnight.


It's your last chance to grab some wax from the Ferndale store, whose sales started to wane in the face of a crumbling economy and society's ever-increasing embrace of technological crutches. Roseville remains open and will likely hold live performances of their own at that location over the spring and summer.

But this is the last hazzah for Ferndale...and it's FREE.


DJ's Mike Himes; Shortround; Mathew Boynton; Patrick Russell; DJ Munk; The Cync; Andrew Thomas; Dubble; Reggie (Hot Mix) Harrell; DJ Cent; Norm Talley

Saturday: Wildcatting; Carjack; Pewter; I, Crime; Sword. Arrow. Spear; Duende; Dial81; Eagles Club; SeeD; and Champions of Breakfast

(sample some of the bands, then come check them out in store...playing amidst emptied racks and bare DVD shelves...it'll be bittersweet, but it's the only way to go - loud, fast and bizarre!)

also, check out: http://www.myspace.com/recordtime or Michael Sharbatz for more info!

see you there.

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