Tuesday, November 26, 2013


"I've created a monster..."

...shuffling the pages of articles, reviews, columns, zine-snippets and blog-posts that I've written over the last ten years... if there's anyone out there who can claim a good amount of influence upon me, that, they have, indeed, "created a monster..." then it would be the mad scientist known as Lo-Fi Bri - otherwise known as Carjack.

I first got to know Bri through tapes. He had dozens upon dozens of tapes, diaries of his life, really, growing up in the northern Metro area, recording songs with a guitar onto a 4-track between skateboard tricks outside. Teenage-Bri would grow into a shrewd and passionate crate-diver, building up a vinyl collection in the thousands, later spending his college days down in Ohio where he got to see icons like Guided By Voices, Brainiac, Pavement and Sebadoh live, multiple times.

Who got me into Q-Tip and Bill Callahan? Who got me into Fela Kuti and Superchucnk? Who played me the VU's "Legendary Guitar Amp Tapes??"

This writer was just starting college when he met this old school Professor. It wasn't long before I was driving back from East Lansing every weekend so I could take up extra curricular classes, with his turntables as my desk and my secondary campus courtyards including the Lager House, 2500 Club, Corktown Tavern, BoHouse, CAID, Jacoby's...

As my ear developed, and my instincts sharpened, I started to branch out on my own. I built my own collection of records and icons and my tastes and sensibilities harmonized into their own signature theme. But if you're asking about the music that first turned me on... It was spun by Bri. Think about that, music listeners... I'm sure 15% of you are preternatural cases of pure music connoisseurs and you got super-cool all on your own. But the rest of you? There's probably one or two or three people who showed you the shit, if you know what I mean...spun you the goods...made a mix of choice jams for you.

It, and by that, I mean, my music-writing, started ten years ago, with this music maven showing me the Detroit scene....and then he picked up a guitar and joined it.

As Carjack.

And then I got a laptop and started writing about it.

But I digress.

Here's a video:
CARJACK - Theme 2013 (Music Video) from Mike Rozman on Vimeo.

The latest achievement of Mr. Carjack, as he winds down a busy year honing his craft as a photographer. Expect to see more of Carjack in 2014, including a new video for the song "Damaged."

Here's to Bri on the week of his Birthday.

Next: Carjack. Troy Gregory and Tinder Tiger join Black Lodge, Factory Girls, Letter Carrier and Dead Letters -at the Lager House on December 12th 

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