Sunday, December 1, 2013

Odd Hours~~Khaleesi

Somewhere out there, a charming yet spooky cabin cloistered away from the polluted air and freeway-packed cement veins of Michigan's noisier cities, houses a motivated musical outfit called Odd Hours, where singer Natasha Beste dreams up surreal strategies for victory over a digitized-doom risking disillusionment for a range of creative types, surrounded by five monitors where she's editing new video or creating new song ideas... or keeping up correspondence with collaborators like Tunde Olaniran (or some of her other satellites, like...say, The Rogue Satellites).

Beste and her longtime musical partner Tim Jagielo have been developing Odd Hours for several years now. It's grown from a dark, glam-shredding post-punk, to a claw-drawn, metal-twisted pop/rock thing. That it got heavier and more propulsive in rhythm, is credited to recent-ish additions of Clint Stuart and Randy Hanley Jr.

Odd Hours and Gold House are operations that demonstrate an appreciation for group efforts.

Beste, with director/videographer Kevin Eckert, started up Gold House a couple years ago with an expressed interest in supporting local musicians. Odd Hours, by extension, particularly Beste, bears that out consistently, thinking up new ways to squeeze life into (and out of) the scene with exciting and engaging conceptual blends of live music, video and art; not to mention a liable-to-leap-off-the-stage-at-any-refrain kind of vigor to their own stage presentation.

So that's why you'll be getting something "dark and sexy" but also "weird and playful..." Something that will confuse and coax...A commentary against majesty and materialism, against greed and collective-cultural-gloom... Or, maybe it's not against anything at all... But damned if it won't be dazzling -with Eckert behind the camera and pop-singer Tunde Olaniran onboard as Art Director, the music video for Odd Hours new single 'Khaleesi' should prove to be sumptuous and surreal all at once, a gush of the gothic under a confetti storm of devilish dollar bills.

Ritual hell-money burning: check. A disguised septuagenarian grandfather driving a motorboat: check.

A petulant ruler in her golden money palace: check. Custom-built seven-foot black steel throne, in hell? Yes, that too.

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