Thursday, January 15, 2015

Last Stop Sundays (presented by At Willoughby)

Jan. 27 @ The Berkley Front

Ceremonies, however, subtle or casual, can supplement the certain camaraderie intrinsic to the idealization of "...a scene." Well aware that, to establish your foot print on the scene, you the band, will have to hit the usual circuit of bars/venues and play amped up music under boomlights, often expected to scream your head off, break a few strings and drop some sweat on the wooden stage. 

Every now and then we need a slightly different atmosphere to be struck, though, at these "ceremonies" of ours... We need opportunities for these bands to show some of the other sides of their songwriting or performing styles... 

The first in a new series of monthly concerts can offer that... 
Alan Sowinski, singer/songwriter who records/performs under the moniker At Willoughby, spearheaded the Last Stop Sunday's series -to be hosted on the final weekend of every month at the Berkley Front. 

Yes, it's a "school night" for us, but the event will be early: 6 - 9 pm / $4 at the door. And the vibe will be much more chill than the tacit dress-to-impress posturing that can inevitably be struck up by the fast-blast boogies of an electric Saturday show. 

The idea is to give bands and individual songwriters to try something different, be that unplugging and going acoustic or bringing out some new or forgotten songs that they were heretofore hesitating to try out during a typical electric-set...

Sowinski has been writing, recording and performing as At Willoughby for several years, but this gesture is one of his biggest forays into the scene to date. Expect to see him out, performing live, much more often in 2015. 

He kicks off the first Last Stop Sunday with singer/songwriter Jeff Howitt (from Duende), Adam (from Futurebabes) and Poor Bastard (featuring Jaye Allen Thomas of Rogue Satellites and Serene Arena from Dutch Pink). 

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