Monday, March 14, 2016

The Milo Show

So.... I host a talk show, now...

Here's episode # 6, featuring Stef Chura, The Mythics, Sugarcoats and Doc Illingsworth

When I say "...I have a talk-show...," I mean that I have a talk show. I sit down with local artists and ask them about how they got into music, or, I feature live performances from a range of local bands. And when I say "I," I mean my exceptional crew, without whom there'd be no Milo Show, whatsoever. So, particularly grateful shout outs go to the show's director and editor, Kristi Billings, and it's sound master Chad Stocker. 

The aesthetic we're going for is that of Jim Jarmusch doing Cable-Access, or 120 Minutes in a post-Internet-era. It's basically me, doing what I normally do with local Detroit musicians, i.e., sitting down for 10 minutes and picking their brain with verve, alacrity and authentic enthusiasm. It's much more casual than your regular Q&A; it's something else... It's The Milo Show. 

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