Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Girl Fight - Fight Back!

It's early in the morning as I listen to this and its effectively quickening my pulse beyond a need or want for caffeine.

Just last night, GIRL FIGHT released their new EP online and it's going to be available on cassette at their next shows.

Furious, flexed, churning punk rock, GIRL FIGHT punches through the plate glass so fast that it has no time for extra frills: just the boom of a floor tom, the snap of a snare, the impassioned vocals that give melodic structure to a human scream while a guitar that literally sounds like it might be on the verge of combustion crackles out classic garage-rock riffs at hyper tempos.

Drummer/singer Ellen Cope and guitarist Jacob Boyle have been playing around town pretty regularly over the last year, but if you haven't caught a live set yet, than FIGHT BACK will still effectively capture that raw energy for your ears. This is feminist punk that will defy, with necessary and voluminous ardor, any pathetically persisting attempts to change that conversation; frenetic, vitally frenetic, and bursting at an average song length of 99 seconds or more. 

GIRL FIGHT will be at El Club TONIGHT (Sorry if you're reading this later in the week), with Detroit noise-rock quartet Teener, and the psych-punk trio Reverend. MORE INFO

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