Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Bruised Reed's Latest 'Doubles' Release

The Bruised Reed are back with another installment in their "Doubles" series. They've spaced out a pairing of new singles every several months on their bandcamp. This week, they've got a couple fittingly wintry songs for these late January day's/daze.

photo by Erick Buccholz
The quartet is showing their more shoegazy sides on these two new songs, but still imbuing each with their signature composites indie-rock and dream-pop. With "Emptiest Noise," you'll almost feel like you're being carried away, as Kirstin Wheeler's breathy melodies meld in mesmerizing harmony with the swelling tones of the guitar. The tempo is a slow, woozy waltz that gives space for the bass and drums to crash in at these cathartic crescendos.

There's a balanced sense of detached meditation with these distorted reverb blasts, pairing back in the verses for Wheeler's voice to lilt with its tenderness. Her husband, Josh, meanwhile, sounds like he's really upped his game in terms of production: "The Storm Is Coming's" urgency is palpable in the mix when each instrumental element sustains this dazzling surge across a jogging tempo.

This is where Bruised Reed thrive, this uncanny middle ground where aggressive riffs and feedback crest back against the tenderer, sweetly threaded melodies.

The Bruised Reed will be at Kelly's on Fri., Feb 2nd
with Faux Montreux and Werewolves
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