Friday, February 2, 2018

Update: Milo Minute & Milo Show

We're one month in to the new year, and I wanted to look back at all the music we've listened to on WDET for the weekly "Milo Minute" segment. Every week, I check in a couple times with Culture Shift Host Amanda LeClaire to give listeners a rundown of what's on my list of must-see live local music events around Detroit.

Below, some of the songs we heard on the air (on weekdays between 12pm & 2pm on 101.9, WDET-FM). Most of these songs came out last year, or even longer ago, but I still think some return-listens are always worthwhile. Coming up next week, I'll be talking about the EP release of Brother Elsey, an expansive vaudeville & music show at the Crofoot featuring Satori Circus, an album release party for journeyman drummer Zach Pliska, and a peek at what's going on at the New Way Bar (which, by the way, just announced that they'd be ditching cover charges entirely for their live local music concerts).

I also just wanted to check in and give you an update on a YouTube Talk Show Series I hosted last year, with videographer Kristi Billings and sound engineer Chad Stocker. That will return, but it's shifting into an audio-only podcast. Our first episode will be out soon, and it kicks off a new format where, instead of four guests per episode, Chad and I will be visiting the studio space of one artist, and talking to them in between a handful of exclusive live performances. Up first & pictured above, is Double Winter

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