Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Carjack and Wildcatting - "Form like Voltron" to become CARJACK-ING: Saturday at the CAID, for Curare III

Festival season is upon us - and all the hurried overwhelming madness gets kicked off this Saturday at the CAID

This weekend, sample the outsider-experimental freak, funk punk and folk styling of the line up at Curare III, Saturday at the CAID: Oscillating Fan Club (pictured), Chicago’s Netherfriends (recommended), Pinkeye, Jehova’s Witness Protection Program, The Frustrations, Beekeepers, The Directions, Lenny Stoofy, 1964, Lightshow Bob – and finally – electro-punk-rocker Carjack and freight-train-trounce-rockers Wildcatting will form like Voltron to become ‘Carjacking’ – the normally synth/sampled/drum machine punk tunes of Carjack as interpreted through a full live rock band of guitar gods and a devastating drummer with Carjack on vocals.

When reached for comment, Mr. Carjack himself shrugged and quipped sarcastically, “Fuck a synthesizer…”

This should be both a sight to see and a sound to hear - as both of these bands are extremely distinct, even in their own genres of electro-punk and instrumental math-rock - so the mind reels at what the possibilities hold when they combine forces...

Check it out at the CAID, Saturday! Starting at 5pm and going through the early morning!

More info at:

carjackING. (around midnight!!)


guitar cat gifguitar cat gif

Rocker CatRocker Cat

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(Oscillating Fan Club photos by Megan Lang)

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