Friday, July 30, 2010

Fur / Pewter Cub - dual CD Release 8/13 - Small's - with Illy Mack

Pewter Cub and Fur are both offering albums on Friday the 13th.

The illustrious lo-fi indie-rock trio, Pewter Cub (pictured), offer The Door Was Open, You Got In -

Meanwhile our slightly more psyche-ish shoegaze leaning power-trio Fur offer their second EP, Devestate the Details (and what journo couldn't get behind a title like that?)

They're joined in celebration with the minimalist experimental folk of Illy Mack - 8/13 - at Small's. DJ Bart Bealmear (of CJAM renown) will spin between sets. No word, to this blog-as-of-yet, as to the future of Black Lodge -who were originally booked...



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