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More Year End Stuff

Notes: Eat This City put together a gaping list of Detroit bands with vinyl releases - the state of our union is strong...
DC bothered a handful of local musicians to share their own lists - (special thanks to Dina, even if she technically broke the rules, her passion's admirable!) A few Detroit musician's picking their favorite Detroit releases...albums and songs... of 2010 (and some beyond).

The Favorite 4's -

Lo-Fi Bri (of Carjack.)

1. The High Strung - Dragon Dicks

2. Silverghost - The Year We Make Contact

3. Hi Speed Dubbing - Way of the World

4. Robin Goodfellow - Susannah, You See Beyond EP

Honorable Mentions:Bars of Gold - Of Gold
"...pretty awesome that we have so many amazing local bands to choose from...(that's) guaranteed unlikely in any other city. Period."

Eric Allen (of Kommie Kilpatrick)

Top Four Local Albums of the Year

Tyvek - Nothing Fits: This album makes me feel like I'm 16 and driving around with beers in my car for the first time. Nervous, but in a good way.

Black Milk- Album of the Year: The Devil gave us Kanye and the Lord gave us Curtis Cross aka Black Milk. Raw and soulful, Album of the Year shows an artist at the top of his game.

The Sights - Most of What Follows is True: Watching and listening to Eddie Baranek create The Sights latest album, Most of What Follows is True, from the ground up was a total pleasure and learning experience. These songs are as much a part of me as all of the Get-N-Go pizzas and beers we consumed in the last year and a half together. Love you little buddy!

Secret Twins - Ill Fit: This record makes me feel Ill Fit to call myself a musician. Dina and Tim are just flat out awe inspiring with what they do.



1. Silverghost - The Year We Make Contact

2. Mirrortwin - Shot

3. Conspiracy of Owls - Conspiracy of Owls

4. Scarlet Oaks - Worries/Walk On Out of My Mind

"Bonus Wishlist:"

1. Prussia - Poor English (...2011)
2. Secret Twins - Ill Fit

3. Bars of Gold - Of Gold

Ryan Spencer - (of Prussia, Brain Rottar)

1. Coyote Clean Up - Double Trouble Doo Doo Bubbles

2. Coyote Clean Up - Downhill Express

3. Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr - Horse Power EP

4. Swimsuit - Demos

Favorite 3 songs:

Coyote Clean Up - "This House Boat is Making Me Seasick"

Swimsuit - "Evaporation"

DEJJ - "Simple Girl"

Michael O'Connor (of Fur)


1. The Juliets - The Juliets

2. Zoos of Berlin - Taxis

3. Silverghost - The Year We Make Contact

4. 800-Beloved - Everything Purple

Honorable Mentions:
Rogue Satellites - Fallacy Island


Frank Woodman (of Woodman)

This was tough. Lots of good music, lots of good friends.

This list will change in 15 minutes.

In no particular order, this is what I've been listening to:


Secret Twins-Ill Fit

Mirrortwin upcoming release


Silverghost-Star Child

Illy Mack-Rubber bands

The Kickstand Band-I Don't Care

Thanks for asking...I love Detroit!

... ....
crap! I knew it! Ben Collins-Ghost fucking good.


Dina Bankole (of the Secret Twins, Swimsuit)

Favorite Albums (beyond 4)

Radiator Hospital - My Most Imaginary Friend
(Bedroom-Album-ry at its finest. I listened to this over and over and over and still do! Listen and love...)

Mighty Clouds - Mighty Clouds (Fred & Betty of Saturday Looks Good To Me. Amazingness! Magnetic Fields-ish lady vocals in 'an F. Thomas musical lyrical wonderland.')

Long Whisker - Huge Power ("Artifacts" forever! An increasingly impressive writing force and live band)

BoyWife - BoyWife CD (May have come out right around the end of 2009/beginning of 2010. LOVE. Bug them for a copy, high recommends: "Neu Truckers" and "Lonely Rodent.")

Child Bite - Living Breathing Organ Summer (My favorite Michigan band hands down!)

Zoos of Berlin - Taxis (Listened to this all summer!)

Fields of Industry - Trouble House (Expanded band = expanded awesomeness).

Hospital Garden - Hospital Garden (Technically residing in Chicago, but the roots are forever Michigan. Listen to "Young Republicans" and "Ypsi,"...and all of it!)

Favorite 7" / EP's

Minutes - Minutes 7" (Best thing ever!)

Gardens - Upside/Downside (I could, would, and do, dance to "M-A-Z-E T-I-M-E" all of the day and all of the night).

Johnny Ill Band - Cars (Melody mastery).

Terrible Twos - Crash the Circuit (Equal parts great song and great video).

Deadbeat Beat - Demo (Finally got to spend some time with this one. GOOD GOOD TIMES).

Things I Want to Hear:

Bars of Gold - Of Gold (Really enjoyed their Blowout show).

Druid Perfume - Tin Boat to Tuna Town (Need!!)

Prussia - Poor English (Curiosity!!)

Tyvek - Nothing Fits (Got to stream it a time or two...quality time forthcoming).

Silverghost - The Year We Make Contact

Things I'm looking forward to (and things I've heard via 'birdies' and/or conversations):

City Center -new album (in my top of 2011 already. Look forward to March!)

Illy Mack - (so soon!)

Kelly Jean Caldwell - (finally!)

Minutes - (full length, aaaah!)

Johnny Ill Band - full length! (so excited!)

Kommie Kilpatrick - a longish 'something' (yessss!)

Deadbeat Beat - full length! (ready to dance party!)

Frustrations - new anything! (finally got a hold of "Glowing Red Pill" amazed!)

..any Javelins tidbit whatsoever!

Man the Hunter 7" (up and coming new comers with a bright shiny future. Undoubtedly.)

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