Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sonic Architecture! - 12 / 17 - Lager House

Sonic Architecture is a sort of promotional vehicle and an of-the-moment type documentary.

It was started this year by shows revolving around the Jesus Chainsaw Massacre. "It's a fast, easy, simple way to get more music from great bands out there and provide exposure through the purple juggernaut that we (JCM) have built over the past couple years."

It's a sampler of sorts, showcasing the sounds from a diverse blend of bands playing a show together in the very near future (in this case, Volume 3 features bands culled to perform the Lager House on 12/17).

Crowded line ups can be a glorious thing and an overwhelming thing. This is a digestive aid. Download a free EP with four of the bands (Divorce Party, Public Pubes, The Savage Seven and JCM) - so that you can, a.) get an idea of what you're getting into b.) get free music c.) hopefully find some new favorite bands/songs (that you might check out later on, at other shows).

Vol 1 - and Vol 2

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