Monday, April 14, 2014

Electric Lion Soundwave Experiment -

Headphones are a necessity, for here...transcendence is the hopeful effect(/affect). Speaking of effects - there's plenty of fuzz, echo, muff, loop, delay and varied further distortions of tone - but measured meticulously like a pensive diarist's slow, steady pen-strokes, making sure never to scribble, blot or smudge any of the ink as it pours upon the page.

     Imagine a summer storm at twilight. There's a dim radiance, glowing purple through the massing clouds at the horizon and the winds are kicking up into light, humid gales as dark cumulonimbi build ahead of you... You're walking next to your singers and their words, their heartfelt expressions, muffle against the wind...
          And the air feels electric. The sun's going away but you want to stay... There's all sorts of rumblings around you, filling up your ears, grass whips and thunder, only momentarily distant as it hovers towards you, is thrumming softly...
               Everything feels serene, almost meditative, yet simultaneously on the verge of some ominous tremor, a crescendo of mud and cosmic-slop, a shower of acid rain and stardust, a splitting of the Earth beneath you or a disorienting funnel gravitating you upward in a swirl toward the celestial neverneverlands gaping borderless above you.

At least, that's where my brain can go...when I listen to "Landshark" by Electric Lion Soundwave Experiment (from Falling On The Sword That God Gave Us).

You're tired of shoegaze but you want shoegaze? You want druggy-sounding music that aims for cerebral lyrics to stew over while you're ostensibly "dropping-out"? You want a sumptuous sonic trip that actually takes you somewhere, as opposed to lulled gazes into the corners of your paint-chipped basement?

It's here... Muffled by the FX... Whispered at times, hauntingly belted at others... Resonating. Resonating.

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