Friday, November 14, 2014

Echo Fest V

Echo Fest – V

When I first interviewed Sisters  Of Your Sunshine Vapor, (more than five years ago,) they told me that, yes, they make “druggy”-sounding music, but that shouldn't imply that they don't get up and get to work in the morning!

They work their asses off, actually. Not only self-booking numerous interstate tours, establishing their own recording studio and producing their own albums, but this psyche/blues/shoegaze trio has also fostered a crucial spirit of community among those similarly “druggy”-sounding bands, i.e. the torchbearers of that tripped-out, artfully effected music that all roils together, in all its echoing/looping/dizzying-delayed glory, under the umbrella of “pscyh-rock” (…or “neo-psychedelia” if you really want to stir the word soup of the genre-obsessed bloggoids).

--Echo Fest – Nov 15th @ The Loving Touch (22634 Woodward Ave)
Main Stage
12:15 Elephant Stone (Montreal) 
11:00 Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor (Detroit)
10:00 King Buffalo (Rochester, NY)
09:00 Dead Leaf Echo (Brooklyn)
08:00 Siamese Detroit (Detroit)
07:00 Buffalo Coven Party (Ann Arbor)

Side Stage
01:00 The Witches (Detroit)
11:45 Heaven's Gateway Drugs (Ft. Wayne)
10:30 MOSS FOLK (Milwaukee)
09:30 Plastic Crimewave Syndicate (Chicago)
08:30 Rogue Satellites (Detroit)
07:30 Matthew Smith of Outrageous Cherry (Detroit)

Thankfully, SOYSV’s hard working MO has only amplified over the years, as they've grown the original  Echo Fest from five years ago into a two-stage / 12-band fest inside a sizeable capacity venue, with a theme of encouraging a cross-pollination of bands and niche-genres that builds bridges to other scenes, including Chicago (ft. Plastic Crimewave Syndicate), Montreal (ft. Elephant Stone) and Milwaukee (ft. Moss Folk), while nodding to the iconic “psychedelic” songwriters and bands of Detroit like The Witches and Outrageous Cherry’s Matt Smith.

SOYSV will also be on the bill, of course. But, as I was on assignment this week with a Washtenaw county culture zine, I wanted to draw some attention to an Ann Arbor based group on the bill. - Buffalo Coven Party, a blend of the bewitching and with some beautiful melodies waving under slight blankets of fuzz, some eerie atmospheric tones strike in under  blends of acoustic and electric, with a wicked organ’s ghostly haze adding essential blacklight ambiance, (take a listen below).
And find the full lineup here:

Listen: Buffalo Coven Party – “Pariah”

But, while you're here... This song has been on heavy rotation inside the Milo Dojo: 

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