Friday, November 28, 2014

Ill Itches' Record Release Show

The Ill Itches

-----------------------------------Record Release Show - 12/6 - PJ's Lager House (1254 Michigan Ave) w/ Caveman Woodman & Bam Bam Moss, YUM, and Prude Boys----------

Rhythm and ruckus, that's Ill Itches. Raspy howls lash and lurch over punchy beats and distortion storms, a local Detroit quartet of rockers following in what's already a long tradition but gnarlifying in their own way. There's hints of garage and some of the hearty heavier psychedelic, tightened and sped-up with a tremulous, clenched fist urgency that rocks the trajectory into stranger, noisier dips and dives. It has rawness and aerodynamic zip, yet furls with this fuller feedback growl behind it. 

Stephen Schmidt (vox, guitar), Matt Mruzek (vox, bass), Josh Woodcock (guitar) and Matt Livengood (drums) joined up in early 2013 and quickly established themselves as an incendiary, if uncouth, live act. They went out on tour last October after a sensational summer that saw them opening for punk icons like Dead Kennedys and The Buzzcocks. You can hear the rock n' roll in these creatures' hearts, that's the pulse, certainly....But its manner is something more of a melding of 80's indie-punk, 70's soul and 90's garage... in a blender, sparking.  

New 7" vinyl single comes out on Dec. 6 ("Hallelujah" b/w "Revolving Door") via Jett Plastic Records.  $7 at the Lager House door includes a copy of the regular version on solid red vinyl. But, special edition variations of the single are available via Jett Plastic. 

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