Friday, November 7, 2014

Small Houses - New single / New Album on the way

Jeremy Quentin, a Flint, MI native, used to sing songs after supper in the big ol' neo-hippie-populated co-op house where I once resided ten years prior... 

I've never seen him without his guitar, either on his back, on his lap, around his chest or at least nearby him, in whatever room I found him. Quentin didn't live in this old house of mine...because he was ever on the move. He's constantly booking his own tours, he's lived in a dozen places (it seems) and, though he had settled in Atlanta GA for a while, he was most recently residing all the way out in Denver, plotting an ambitious tour that will bring him back eastward, all the way to Helsinki. 

His voice has a fragility to it, like the autumn wind, caustic with a bit of dust and splinters but resplendent with that high, honkish warble and it resonates so richly off those bell chimes at the chorus. This is a track for anyone still high on the War On Drugs from last summer... This is the new post-Americana, alt-country tinged, indie-folk refining JAM... 

Quentin, under the moniker Small Houses, will release his next full length, Still Talk, next February (with a tour starting next January). There are, according to Quentin, a handful of videos on the way, as well... (Expect to see them streaming here). 

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