Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Future Schlock - May 15

LXL / TART / Jaws That Bite / DJ RX78
Sunday night @ Marble....

Genre-splicing at it's best...on display this Sunday at the Marble Bar.

Sohpisti-satire/dad-rap/coolness-with-commentary specialists LXL will be paired with glam-rock/daft-pop/electro-dance stylists Tart.

Jaws That Bite also brings a bit of wonderful weirdness and even some surreal psychedelia to the hip-hop milieu and DJ RX78...which, is a reference I get because my house is filled with Gundam models..., pleasingly fills a void for me that sufficiently bridges turntablism and breaks to triumphant/adventure-stoking Anime soundtracks and video game samples.

Another feature of the evening? The Rexatronic Project!

I know it's tough getting motivated to go out on a Sunday, but maybe listen to this track, and see how you feel...

Or how about this?

Or... Check out this music video, which dropped a month ago...


Modern Knot Artists presentFUTURE SCHLOCKFeaturing...TART - LXL -Jaws That Bite - DJ RX78 - ---hosted bySTOOPZ & BREEZE---wsgDJ THORNSTRYKER---visual art byMark SarmelJames Easterly ---Interactive RPG: Art Lab

Marble Bar, 9pm, 21+ $5

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