Thursday, March 9, 2017

RHC #MiGov2018

The beginnings of a campaign are inherently inspiring. A fresh face and a fresh voice announces categorical determination to help, to change, to push things forward, to fix, to ameliorate, to offer ideas of progress and civic refurbishment.

Last year, I wrote about Ryan Henry Cox because he was on my music beat. He's a singer/songwriter and DIY producer who put out his own album, under the moniker of The Good Things.

Ryan Henry Cox is running for Governor and, I hate to indulge in anything resembling hyperbole, but I've never heard any candidate talk, act, or think like this guy...

Ryan's website is live... He's embraced the brand of "GoverNerd"

Says Ryan:
"The odds are stacked quite highly against me and should be obvious to all that it is highly improbable that I win the position of Governor. But I will run and I will run hard and do all I can to, at the very least, effect change in the policies that regulate the operations of our society and lives of our people..."

I sat down with him and realized almost immediately that he's no politician. He's not a Democrat, he's not a Republican, but he comes at the issues like a data analyst, his eyes and his mind are trained to find patterns in every situation, in any scenario, and he's wonkishly found a way to apply that to the enterprise of ameliorating political, social and domestic policies. Ryan Henry Cox wants to run for Governor of Michigan in 2018, and he's presenting himself as an Independent. What he really is, is an Informationist. 

Outside of just being a local musician, Ryan is a father, a teacher, and a bit of a DIY tech-guru. If I could tell you anything about what Ryan does, it is this:      He figures things out. He sees the entirety of the world, each circumstance, each social interaction, and all this swirl of varying moral and ethical philosophies and quandaries as ....a system... A system with patterns and variables, where the solution is the most efficient arrangement, the most equal accommodation, for both sides, for all sides...

Ryan isn't coming at this with any agenda. Name any of the most iconic politicians of the last two years' worth of news coverage and you can whittle the way they've been framed (or even the way they've framed themselves) as a composite of philosophies and proverbially axes to grind...

Ryan isn't crusading. He sees that Michigan needs him, and he wants to jump in and analyze the hell out of everything that's not measuring up... What are the variables and how can the equation satisfy the typical desires of: bolstering education, strengthening the economy, and assuring health/well-being for the state's citizens.

Ryan wants to be challenged. He wants to meet voters. He wants to meet politicians. He wants to meet every community. Ryan doesn't want to make a speech. He wants to know how he can basically renovate Michigan's greater household, from the basement to the shingles on the roof. Something about helping people brings the utmost determination and passion out of this guy... Ask him about himself, the things he does... his songs, his teaching, or even about how he volunteers to teach young soccer players how to play goalie...and he'll kinda shrug it off. Talk to him about what can be done to improve our state's Government, and a fresh fire lights up his eyes....

But that's just the impression I got from one cup of coffee with him....

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