Thursday, April 13, 2017

Favorite Songs

I'm telling you, these really can't be "ranked..."

Maybe the Top 5 are in a sincere order, I'll admit to that... But afterwards, I can't quantify more love or nostalgia for one over the others...

Last year, when I turned 32, I tried to compile my Favorite 32 Albums to come from Michigan/Detroit-area musicians/bands/artists. This year, at 33, I figured I'd try to make a list of songs. These are not the greatest songs of all time - despite how great they all are! They're just all the songs that turned something on inside of me every time I'd hear them on a record, or hear them performed live. They are the songs that, if there was an opportunity to shout between songs in a set, that I'd yell out as fervent requests...

And I'm forgetting at least 10 or 11 more... But I'm just not that old, yet!

So, if you're reading this and you're not on this list, you probably will be soon. If you're reading this and you're just a fan like I am - I hope you dig it... If you're reading this, and you're on the list? Thanks! Just thanks :)

1.) High Strung - Maybe You're Coming Down With It

2.) Bars of Gold - Coffee With Pele

3.) Oscillating Fan Club - Paper Thin Disguise / (+ This House Is Prepared)

4.) Lightning Love - Everyone I Know

5.) Johnny Headband - Hot Button Topic

6.) Child Bite - Ape Along
7.) Misty Lyn & The Big Beautiful - Flower Song
8.) Matt Jones - Into The Valley, Tom Fool / Special Forces
9.) Tunde Olaniran - Namesake
10.) Passalacqua - Been A Minute  //  Mister+Ben Miles - In The Meantime 
11.) Chris Bathgate - Serpentine
12.) 800Beloved - 1992
13.) Doc Waffles - Hockey Fights
14.) Rebel Kind - You Are Free
15.) Duende - Barefoot Bandit / Boss Radio
16.) Carjack - I Got The Breaks, Now
17.) Zoos of Berlin - Electrical Way
18.) Saturday Looks Good To Me - Apple
19.) Deadbeat Beat - No God
20.) Pewter Cub - Surface
21.) Mexican Knives - Killer Snake 
22.) Real Ghosts - Wrongs of Spring
23.) ADULT. - Hand To Phone
24.) Cold Men Young - Fire
25.) James Linck/Mic Write - Get This Money
26.) Ancient Language - 93 Million Miles
27.) Kickstand Band - Anxious Love
28.) Prussia - Supreme Being
29.) Beggars - It's All About Me
30.) The Anonymous - ...I Do My Other Thing
31.) Best Exes - Walk Me To The Bar
32.) The Go Rounds - Shock N Awe
33.) Troy Gregory - Whatever Possessed U

But also
34.) Illy Mack - Squirrels // The Go - Meet Me At The Movies // Congress - Pond Fight // The Good Things - High 
.......too many...too many
TOO MANY to count, too many I'd leave out...

Just.... Just loving any opportunity to meet more artists around here, and subsequently write about their music.

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