Saturday, April 15, 2017

Latest Episode: ADULT., Whiskey Charmers, Five Pound Snap

The Milo Show is an opportunity for viewers to become uniquely acquainted with local artists and organizers, by way of improvisational performances setting bands and singers inside unique locales like bookstores, art galleries, churches, studios and libraries, and through live interviews that have a fresh snap to them. 

Over the last 18 months, Chad Stocker of The High Strung and The Mythics has been our sound engineer, mixing every performance and assuring a crisp capture of each interview. Kristi Billings is our director of photography, and the show's editor - she's been with me since the very first episode. I may be on camera, I may be conducting interviews and coordinating guests' lineups, but I have to say, with every bit of sincerity possible, that this is their show, it is Kristi's and Chad's labor, utilizing their respective talents, and I can't thank them enough. 

 We want to strike a nostalgic note for those who grew up with cable access TV, a freeform approach that presented off the cuff moments, but also to forge a sense of community and pride for local culture, by blending a diverse range of artists each month, spanning genres, genders, projects and worldviews. We want each episode to be a piece of a bigger mosaic that says: “This is Detroit’s art/music scene!” 

Without saying it on camera, we show what a passion project can do; any equipment we use is our own or procured out of our own pockets, and we each use our talents, as an interviewer, as a film editor, and as a sound engineer, to create something fresh, interesting, and charming, each time. While we do embrace the idea that we’re just fans-behind-the-camera & freed of agenda, we also make sure to be forthright with our interviews so that viewers can still get a comprehensive introduction to and essence of each guest

We film in a different location every time!! So, episode-by-episode,  we want to shape a panoramic view of the Detroit arts scene. 

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