Thursday, May 4, 2017

May Issue of Current

So I know that The Ann Arbor Current made a bold move with this month's issue, talking about The Blind Pig, and I just felt the need to clarify my role in it--considering my byline's on the page...

I talked to people. That was it. There is an editorial column to the right-hand side of the 2-page spread that I did not write.

The editorial staff at Adams Street Publishing had (and have) best intentions of stepping up to show their support for local music, but I--being a freelancer, had no idea what their plans were for the tone of the issue's cover/cover-art/design-layout, etc...  I just talked to people. I reached out to those who are quoted on the page, and had conversations with them about venues--conversation that I intentionally steered towards the more generic, or overarching aspect of: Why is it important that we support (and continue to be patrons of) local music venues... That was my role.

Since I am a freelancer and not on the editorial staff, I felt free to just put this down... What I contributed was: questions. And I even questioned the trajectory/tone of the issue as it came about... I felt it would be better to wait until June, maybe even July- until we actually knew what the future of the Pig was turning out to be... I've been covering Ann Arbor & Ypsilanti music for almost 10 years now and have nothing but admiration and respect for its artists, organizations and venues. So I reached out to folks who I knew would have strong feelings, informed opinions, and be able to provide insight as to the issue of: just venues! That was the core of my intention.

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