Monday, April 30, 2018

Shady Groves - "Hourglass"

Shady Groves really set a groove with a breaktout single from their debut album, "Hourglass." That bass grins as it slaloms in under those spacey/hazy keys and then the delay-heavy guitar ripples over top while the kickdrum keeps a heightening pulse. The rhythm section maintains a sweetly danceable anchor while the keys creates a catchy melody of mostly minor keys and that guitar leans in to a deliciously surfy riff. The Detroit quintet worked with Elaine Smith to create a video for it and released it about a month ago.

Shady Groves draw from a well that includes the melody-worship of power-pop, but also immerse themselves into emotive new-wave and ambient rock. Adam Fitzgerald and Dylan Caron started making songs together more than 3 years ago, with Jeff Yateman (who wound up playing an integral role in recording songs like "Hourglass"). They put out a debut as a trio in 2016 (Bitzer), but Yateman went on to form his own project (Jemmi Hazeman), and the band grew to a quartet, with Jamie Dulin, Colt Caron, and Sage Denam. "Hourglass" is a single from their second album, titled Dreamboat, which their aiming to put out later in the summer.

Meanwhile, Shady Groves' propulsive, hook-heavy indie-pop incarnations are going to fit in nicely with the breakout New York trio Sunflower Bean - paired on a bill together on May 9 at the Crofoot. INFO. (Shady Groves will also at Kelly's a couple days after that, with Jemmi Hazeman, Remnose, and Charlie Millard.

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