Saturday, April 28, 2018

TIME comes to Michigan

The instant I hear this, I wanna see it. Because this Gainseville darktronica duo sound akin to outerminded music-utilizing oracles that we have around town here, like The Imaginatron. TIME are interested in, working toward, and possessed by...a contemplation of totality.

Electronic dance music often suggests or deploys a sense tension, urgency, and an ineffable feeling of ominousness - and yet, in a cosmic sense, when you "Let Go..." and give in to the grander scalar quantity such as "time," bound as we all are, when one pauses to consider such things, in the pull of collective tides making up an ocean of this ever flowing, unable just how it could be measured or even perceived. And once that heavy conjecture hatches and unspools in your brain, it'll likely be too much to bear - so, best then, at that point, to give your viscera over to the trance of those sequenced beats, celestially intertwining synth melodies and those mantra-like vocal chants.

To my ears, I hear the essence of Numan/Nomi, Daft Punk, Rammstein, and even ADULT....., the Florida duo's most recent self-titled album all but beckons you into the odyssey I described above. When you get to a song like "Sri Guru Vandana," it becomes apparent that the aspiration is a transcendence.

The dreamy distortion, echo-splashed vocals and various other dazzling pitches and pulsations would easily accommodate anyone eager just to close their eyes and rave in a crowded, neon-light-blazed room of throbbing bass - as could be the case when this duo makes their tour stops, but who am I to presume to get into the heads of their audiences. I just know that they will find a welcoming crowd here in Detroit for two upcoming performances, where we'll be eager to experience another artist taking the concert experience toward something like ceremony---

TIME will be at Offworld Arcade on May 9 
And then they'll be at WhateverFest on May 12
The full tour schedule is on their bandcamp.

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