Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Science for Sociopaths - Love & Life

If not properly channeled, our emotions can get the better of us.  Best, then, to channel those emotions into a song. Tempestuous or overwhelming affections, impulses, reactions and ruminations can be wound and threaded into melodies, rhythmic chords and minimal percussive heartbeats for the betterment of the soul...and Maggie Cocco has that process down to a science....

Writing, recording, and performing under the moniker Science for Sociopaths, Detroit-area singer/songwriter Maggie Cocco is getting ready to drop two EPs next weekend.

Cocco has been writing and performing around the metro Detroit area for several years and one thing has remained constant - there's this fearless addressing or expression of sentiment and truth, coiled into rhymed lyrics that bridge indie-pop to a soulful blues-rock, taking on a wider gazed perspective on "life" and "love." In fact, her two new EPs, Love and Life drew inspiration from icons like Carole King, Emmylou Harris, or Patti Smith, but also contemporary commentators on daily emotional tumult, like Kelly Clarkson or Taylor Swift.

Produced with Nashville-based Benjamin Warsaw, these two ambitious EPs tackle the big questions: how we can feel so out of our minds around circumstances involving love, loved ones, close bonds, or even self-esteem, then taking on a more existential look of forks in the proverbial road of life and how, if at all possible, to be one's best self.... Now, as heavy as that sounds, the "science" part is finding a way to address these truths in a graceful arrangement of music and voice...

Science for Sociopaths

Dual EP Release Show
June 1st - at DIME
1265 Griswold St., Detroit
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