Friday, October 12, 2018

Undefined: Libby DeCamp & The Deluxe Country Music Band w/DJ Craig Brown - Nov 8 @ Willis

Each month I tell myself I should slow down, take a break... Maybe even put this ol' blog on hiatus.

And yet, next month, things get even busier... I'll be hosting a monthly event at Willis Show Bar.

Hosted by
November 8th
Libby DeCamp & The Deluxe Country Music Band
with DJ Craig Brown
at Willis Show Bar

Why "undefined...?" ....Because "defy description" was too clunky and "beyond words" sounded too Hallmark. I have spent nearly 15 of the last years of my life describing music. And I didn't want the artists to be featured in this series of performances to be reduced. They're just words.  When I listen as closely as I do, when I sit down and talk to these artists for as long and as often as I do, I get to hear and learn several nuances about them that defy easy definition. My naive hope is that people can start coming to these Thursday evening performances at Willis Show Bar with an open mind - or just a desire to hear good music! It's undefined.

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