Friday, November 2, 2018

Joe Jaber & the Last Divide - 'Made It On My Own'

Joe Jaber takes the fire and fury of rock and channels it into the elegance of folk. He takes the grit and passion of the blues and arranges it to the rolling majesty of Americana and alt-Country. It can feel sanctified like gospel, or it can be a high-octane composite of grunge bluster and riffy garage-rock. He kinda does it all! Jaber is backed by the versatile band, the Last Divide, and they're getting ready to put out a new EP called 'Made It On My Own.'

The release party, next Saturday (Nov 10) is also the launch of Jaber's new charity organization: "You're Not The Only One," to support those who struggle with depression, suicide and drug addiction. In fact, that heartfelt arms-open embrace of fellow souls wracked with weariness would follow thematically with the forthright, earnest expressions and cathartic storytelling style of his lyrics. With his low, gristly baritone and brisk guitar strums, he can often lay it all out on the table, whether its the intimate exchange of a sole listener putting on headphones, or a large audience in a big concert venue - there's always a heartfelt rapport established, albeit through rock music, but nevertheless, a bond forged.

What you hear on 'Made It On My Own' would easily be raconteurish tales shared in diner booths at stops along the highway of life - with lyrics of fortitude and resolve through all too relatable struggles or obstacles, conflicts or commiserations. Jaber's spry guitar playing and signature smoothly-gruff voice is mixed crisply and hovers with a heaving heart over the rustling drums, adorning Wurlitzer and sweetening harmonies. In the title track, Jaber is unafraid to treat a darker subject matter, the ever-reasserting strength of gives it that candle-flame flicker of hope that we can all come through to the otherside in tact (and tougher than before, for the better).  

The CD release party for “Made It on My Own” takes place November 10 at Hockeytown Cafe in
downtown Detroit. The event is also a fundraiser for the new 'You're Not The Only One' charity. Click here for more info.
If you see this post in time, you can catch him at the 20 Front Street two-year anniversary show.

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