Tuesday, November 20, 2018

No List is Final: More Michigan-Made Music from 2018

So, tomorrow, I'm posting another 28 songs released by Detroit-area or Michigan-based artists in 2018, and while it appears under the guise of a "Best Of" or "Favorites" list, I shy away from those words and emphasize, especially with this post, that it isn't comprehensive. No list can be comprehensive. But, what's most important to remember as you potentially skim some of the other forthcoming playlists tomorrow is that they are all Spotify experiments....and limited somewhat, as such.

I have just as many mixed feelings (and often quite dubious feelings) about this streaming platform, so I'm not endorsing it in anyway. However, at the end of the proverbial day, it's a means of framing a substantial amount of music in digestible and (inevitably) highly accessible means for you or for anyone else visiting this site with curiosities of exploring music made by Michiganders.

BUT........ Today... I'll be postings some of my favorite, yes favorite, songs by artists who have a presence on the Internet, yes..., (because that's just a necessity for forging a career in the arts...,) but who do not have music up on Spotify. It isn't mandatory, folks. Here are some bandcamp shoutouts...

 Betsy Soukup - This Disquiet

Soviet Girls - Think Back

True Blue -Solitary Queen 

Double Winter - Oxen's Eye

Satin Stone - Your Own Way

Blueflowers - Circus On Fire

Sleepology - Career

Zzvava - Mutable Moons

The High Strung - If You Wanna Roll

DUDE - Own The Day

...and I could go on....

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