Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Currently Listening: South South Million - ("Fold Mouth")

South South Million: a quasi urban legend type "recording experiment" brewed behind the scenes. The project is overseen by two meticulous mad scientists, Trevor Naud and Daniel I. Clark; their well-matched, devastating gossamer harmonies resonating up and around the gothic style lancet arches of their secret underground laboratory while they mix together loops, samples, brass and beats into varoius beakers labeled -ambient-pop- -trip-hop- -bossanova- -ethio-jazz-

Wearing protective goggles and enhancing headphones, mixed all these serene wavy sounds and sensibilities together together to form a dizzying washed-out sound that floats dreamily, rocks gently and shunts in a few curiosities of cosmic noise.

You'll know Naud and Clark as guitarist, bassist and duel-singers from Detroit based quartet Zoos of Berlin. The two have, after nine years of sound crafting, readied an album's worth of material (A Wind Hand Caught in the Door) which is being readied for a forthcoming release.

Have a listen

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