Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Thermals - with FAWN - Cymbals Eat Guitars - 10/6 - Magic Stick Kempa decodes "glyph"

Perhaps you stopped by the Steak Hut on Sunday 'morn' and had yourself a plate of eggs n' bacon, maybe a couple poached with a side of links?...and helped yourself to a free offering of a 7" from Detroit's groovin indie-pop quartet FAWN, while they also musically-hosted the meal with sporadic performances between samosa swills.

And perhaps you read the perplexing, dense verbiage upon the back, loosely referencing a marketing company Brand Labs - maybe you read my own bemusement regarding this "Identiglyph...a series of tones converted to a single unbroken groove of varying depth..." that may or may not have involved some algorithm or even a phonograph to decode.

--Welp, Mr. Adam Kempa has done some serious detective work - blended with audiophile obsessiveness and Mr. Wizard-esque lab-coat donning experimentation - to 'decode' the curious thing... info at his blog.

Anyhoo - these Detroit rockers (still just wrappin up their first solid year) are now joining a pair of radiant lo-fi scuff-popsters with the Thermals and Cymbals Eat Guitars - Wednesday - 10/6 - at the Magic Stick

Limited edition screen print by Shawn Knight^^

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