Friday, October 22, 2010

Dark Dark Dark - Wild Go - (10/27 - Bakery, Detroit)

Throw out the guitars.

Bring in the accordion.
Bass? Sure. Make sure it's that big burly fiddle kind, not the electric.

Drums. Okay. But some bongos too.

The ornate tones and flitting buzz of the accordion could set you at a Paris Cafe, the soulful croon of the vocals over a rich and sonorous piano spill may set you inside some candle-lit lounge.

The swell and swoon of their harmonies atop the roaring saw of the strings may trip you out and off into fuzzier, ethereal daydreamy realms.

With half it's members culled from all around the country, (thus utilizing the unique jazz, folk and blues sensibilities of both New York and New Orleans), it's founding members and main writers came out of Minneapolis. For almost 5 years now, they've established themselves as consummate crafters of a gothic folk style, stalwart orchestral gypsy pop balladeers.

With Wild Go, their 3rd proper release, they are, for the first time, sufficiently bolstered by six contributors/collaborators (where as before it went from two, initially, then to a quartet). With bass, trumpet, clarinet, violin, and, of course, the accordion and piano, they're able to establish that soft-brush beauty with a blustery-crescendo brio, and then transcend it with an even more layered sound, more of an atmospheric surge with these spruce crafted string instruments purring, these piano tones, delicate but commanding with their lingering echo, and the cheery moan of a trumpet or clarinet.

"In Your Dreams" bounces and shimmies over bongos and an arresting accordion sashaying it's unique buzz under the groups harmonizing "ooohs." You think you're on some fun chamber-pop kick until that violin swings in and just cuts into you and they throw in some charming finger-snaps.

Charm? While the beauteous vocals croon and nod along atop a rippling cello pluck with "Celebrate," we can also experience the most mesmeric of accordion melodies, yes--that's right, get into it!--and the whole steadily wobbling/shuffling beat is warmed by their harmonies.
While they can certainly make a song dressy and ornate, they know when to push the poignancy of minimalism and just let the pianos and vocals lead the way.

It's an old-world-y type trip, yes, but the strength here is the intricacy of their (still yet evolving) songwriting.

Where the Wild will go... 4303 W. Vernor - Detroit

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