Monday, October 4, 2010

MC5 - Bookbeat - 10/10 with author Brett Callwood

You'll recognize Callwood's byline from the pages of Metro Times - DC commends the writer on his compiling of a comprehensive history/profile of one of the most renowned of "proto-punk" bands, the perennial "influences"-listed: MC5: Sonically Speaking - a Tale of Revolution and Rock n Roll. - on Wayne State University Press

The band, a formiddable quintet of confrontational rock n rollers with epic spilled out, gutteral shreds and dynamic stage devestations through the late 60's Detroit psychedelia boom, has gotten the treatment in pages before, from John Sinclair's Guitar Army to David A. Carson's Grit Noise and Revolution. Callwood compiles interviews from surviving members and close associates, now 40 years later, to construct a fresh narrative and reflection. Interestingly, almost any book, writing, documentary one can find on the MC-5 will include the word "revolution." One hopes that Callwoods book can re-stoke that flame in the contemporary crop of artists, musicians and listeners.

Callwood and Sinclair will be at Book Beat in Oak Park for a signing from 2pm-5pm + a radio broadcast of John Sinclair Radio starting at 4pm

Friday night was one of those just-in-ssssane nights in Detroit where it seemed there was a fiery energy inside every venue that every human needed to witness - yet I was still glad to catch the sets at the still-yet-unassuming locale of The New Way bar... (video, hopefully, to follow) to celebrate the release.

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