Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend Part 3 - Sparklewood and Detroiters for Affordable Partying

Detroiters for Affordable Partying... - The frugal-tipster Facebook group that's proven itself considerably valuable in this ruff recession of ours (by serving as proponents and arrow-pointers towards free shows) is putting on a DJ dance party at the equally valuable, burgeoning artists-administered (and former Scrummage Insurance Agency) Sparklewood --the art-rock-house/dance-club/-whatever-it-needs-to-be-- venue. The space over on Grand Blvd has attracted the regularly-rotating-satellites of Macrame Tiger, Marco Polio and even The High Strung.
Now, the two are collaborating to host a Memorial Day/Detroit-Electronic-Music-Fest--weekend celebration. Glitter Trash, DJ Reddenblach and DJ Justin Carver (of Something Cold)

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