Thursday, December 5, 2013

#24 IV 2013 ...a year capping playlist by Thomas Matich

A Spotify mix containing some of my favorite tracks from 2013. 

words by thomas matich

My favorite "album" of the year is not currently available on Spotify, which is mbv by My Bloody Valentine. mbv echoes the early '90s prime of Kevin Sheilds' distortion drenched guitar and Belinda Butcher's hypnotizing whispers, brilliantly splicing stashed recordings from the vintage era with a sleek splash of modern dazzle. It trumps many of the recent works put out by countless current artists who took much liberties in their inspiration from My Bloody Valentine's '91 masterpiece, Loveless.

It's a rarity that legends recapture the magic of their glory days. Michael Jordan wasn't the same when he came back to the Washington Wizards.

But if we could have vintage Madonna vs Gaga, 2Pac vs KanYe, Pink Floyd vs Animal Collective, etc.. what would that look like? Pop culture hinges so much on generational sentimentalism and theories of who "begat" whom. 

Hence, a quote from Jordan on the outcomes of time-traveling to compete with legendary players both past (Jerry West) and present (Lebron James):

"I don't think I would lose," Jordan said, "Other than to Kobe Bryant because he steals all of my moves."

My mix has some Boy George, Gaga, Pet Shop Boys, Disclosure, Drake, R. Kelly. Beauty in youth and vintage. Take your pick. 

Oh, and here is one from mbv -- which came like a lunar eclipse one night in February. 

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