Sunday, December 1, 2013


There's a lot going on in December.

Here's three events of interest that I'll elaborate on further in the weeks ahead.

On December 18th, the forceful kaleidoscopic-pop stylists of Flint Eastwood will have their first formal headlining gig, in Ferndale. (See their recent video, "Secretary" here:)

The Hounds Below will open things up that the Loving Touch.
More info here. 


My favorite record shoppe is throwing a Holiday shindig with Melvin Davis and more!
December 20th

Finally, later on - December 27th - January 1st

So, The Jamaican Queens are back in town; home from a European Tour that wrapped up their promotion of their debut album wormfood. Now, give them some time to rest, re-situate and reconvene into their recording space, so that they can then hash out the 20-something new song ideas that they have for LP 2.

In the meantime, they'll shoot out to Grand Rapids in a couple weeks.
But, closer to Detroit, they'll be in Ypsilanti at the end of the month...

That's Mittenfest in Ypsilanti. ^^
This is a five-day music festival raising funds for nonprofit writing education organization 826Michigan. A worthy cause. A wonderfully wide-ranging sampling and music-community-summit for the whole State's scene. 
For more info on the 7th annual Mittenfest - click here. 

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