Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Currently Listening: Johnny Headband - Leave Me So High

That strutting beat and those cascading synths hook you inside...you stumble into the club and re-ruffle your blazer, straighten your hair, let your eyes adjust to the neon fluorescents flashing all around upon the shiny linoleum dancefloor.

Detroit's Johnny Headband have a knack for loosening-up their listeners; shoulders become rubbery and hips wind as if to a new, heartofore unfounded groovy gearwork build for the boogie; the feet start moving because the drums keep hitting... The nearly-hammy-yet-altogether-endearing vocals, flourished with R&B falsetto and squints of new-wave balladry, soar over the drums, rustling and they're hustling, along with a bass licking higher up on the funkier frets of the neck while a jittery jumble of bloopy beats cluster at the corners of the bridge.

Is it nu-Disco, is it radical yazz-rock or is it an indie-dance ballad? There's deployments of 70's and 80's soft rock and electric boogaloo fx, tightened by the stone cold bass, shuffling drums and sampled hand-clap bursts; a melting pot of longlost French danceclubs and the piquant arrangements of George Benson and/or Roger Troutman.

All things considered, the local trio always bring their own sound into that very same melting pop...stirring steadily and never letting it boil over. Above all, keeping things fun, loose...leaving you just where every pop production should: high.


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