Thursday, September 18, 2014

Dear Darkness CD Release Show (Saturday)

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The blades in Dear Darkness' Swiss Army Knife of gnarliness include the rawest of indie rock's roots, that early stuff from the 80's that dabbled with noise-pop and nearly gnaws at your ear, but also some dark, trippy punk, with ramshackle riffs and quavering vocals that still attain discernible (and even indelible) melodies, albeit deploying minor keys for optimal malevolent-esque evocations and grit-blasted overtones. Some rhythms can pummel but others may strut, the guitars may be a bit surfy sometimes but are set up to screech, if needed and the bewitching dual-vocal effect nicely augments the allure. 

Here's the lead single from their debut album (which gets its proper release on Sept 23)

September 20th - Dear Darkness at the Berkley Front - 

Pthalo Sky and New Centaur will open up the release show for Pleather Pants...and, speaking of clothing, there will be dresses and bags provided by an excellent local clothing designer (named Melissa) who works under the moniker/brand Mended. Check it out

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