Friday, September 5, 2014

Currently Listening: Prude Boys (Dally Sample)

This was recorded in a garage...

But there's something inside of it that draws me... Even if it's "garage music," there's nifty knickknacks cluttering its corners, maybe a gnarly bat up in the rafters nesting into the crusty lawn-chairs or a cool pair of bolt cutters hanging beside the rusty rakes. What pulls me in, here...?

The dissonant bluster of that chugging guitar? Yes, but also... the nervy rhythms barely keeping cool, kicking along, ready to frenzy... Yes, that, too... Or is it that fine flare over that serpentine guitar solo, like wax upon scorched fiberglass... Definitely. But, then, there's that tranquil quality to the lead vocals, a sweet-sounding sedate sparkle over a barely-contained burn-up. And how "piano keys" almost sounds like "anarchy's" the way the words weave through the feedback.

The Prude Boys started out in Ann Arbor where they were known as The Lost Boys. Long story. Just listen ^

And make sure to swing over to the 37th Annual Dally In The Ally - September 6, 2014 -between Forest and Hancock, Anthony Wayne and 2nd Ave

The Prude Boys are playing at 10:00pm - part of a stacked line-up for the Alley Stage

There's four stages with dozens of local bands -
Full Line up here:

Let Autumn Begin!

Detroit Free Press Article:

Local bands are the stars at laid-back Dally in the Alley

In the meantime...
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