Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Art Show Six - Dec 6

Art Show Six

A showcase of six Detroit artists on December Sixth
Russell Industrial Center
1600 Clay Street, Building 1, second floor.
 (Gold door across from the stairway when you walk up.)


Detroit- Brush Park -by Brian Rozman

Art Show Six is a multi-media one-night event featuring the work of Eric Geiner, Nico Heart, Mike Ross, Brian Rozman, Scott Sprague and David Winters.
The exhibit opens at 5pm.

At 8pm, there will be a live art in motion performance showcase. Changling: Emotions & Emanations features art on living human canvas by Nico Heart.

Eric Geiner is a mixed-media artist that uses natural materials such as bone, wood and clay to create tribal, earthy sculptures that invoke primal instincts.

Mike Ross is a painter and woodworker whose work explores repetition, patterns and the disruption of patterns.

Brian Rozman is a photographer with an instinct for capturing the energy of a moment in time through Detroit’s music scene and beyond.

Scott Sprague is a photographer with a background in fashion photography. His specialty is capturing the essence of a person in portrait.

David Winters is a painter, illustrator and digital artist whose engaging, thought-provoking graphics cross the boundaries between ancient culture and modern pop culture.

Each of these artists will be exhibiting a selection of their work, as well as providing musical selections throughout the evening. Refreshments will not be provided but patrons are welcome to bring their own.

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