Friday, December 12, 2014

The Local List 2014: Michigan Music

So here we are...
A list of close-to-all of the music made by Michigan artists that I really dug... At least 94% of it.
This is essentially a giant thank-you note to all the local musicians/songwriters/bands who produced all these songs. It was never about a ranking, even if I did have a favorite... It's more an expression of gratefulness for how much great music has been made (and continues to be made) from the crop of Michigan musicians (in just one-year-alone...)

Extremely Honorable Mentions! 
(...Because I don't want to turn this WHOLE post into a ratings-game!) 

Varsity Rats – “O.G.” ~ Watermelon Bananarama

Kickstand Band - "Under A Bad Sign" ~Halloween Special

Jim Roll – “For You” ~The Continuing Adventures of The Butterfly Kid

Hollow & Akimbo – “Singularity” ~Singularity Single + remixes)

Beast In The Field – “Wakan Tanka” ~Sacred Above, Sacred Below

Heavy Rotations

25. Voyag3r – “II Guanto Nero” ~Doom Fortress”

24. The Blueflowers – “I Can’t Let Go” ~At The Edge Of Disaster

23. The Beggars – “Your Love Will Rot My Brain” ~The Beggars

22. J. Walker & The Crossguards – “Never Say Die” ~single

21. Caveman Woodman – “Gimme Some More” ~S/T EP

20. Mexican Knives – “Nightmare” ~single

19. Child Bite – “Ancestral Ooze” ~Strange Waste

18. YUM – “YUM” ~YUM

17. George Morris & The Gypsy Chorus – “Girls On Parade” ~Black & White EP

16. No Body – “The Valley” ~The Uncanny Valley

15. Frontier Ruckus – “Darling Anonymity” ~Sitcom Afterlife

14. Gosh Pith – “Waves” ~single

13. Tunde Olaniran – “The Raven” ~Yung Archetype

12. Sleepless Inn – “Karl Simon” ~Rainbow Room EP

11. Johnny Headband – “Leave Me So High” ~single

10. Duende – “Mezcal” ~Mezcal

9. Passalacqua – “The Baptism (w/SYBLING)” ~CHURCH

8. The High Strung – “Point Of View” ~I, Anybody

7. Scott Masson – “St. Vina” ~ Pink Oil

6. Doc Waffles / Eddie Logix / James Linck “Lights On Rider” Anthem ~Portrait Of A Gentleman

5. Protomartyr – “Come And See” ~Under Color Of Official Right

4. Rebel Kind – “You Are Free” ~Today

3. Pink Lightning – “Postcard (Image)” ~Blue Skies

2. Prude Boys – “Piano Keys” ~Cassette Demos

1. Matt Jones & The Reconstruction – “Darkest Things”

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