Saturday, August 4, 2018

Just Catching Up: Jerry Dreams, Black Shampoo, Summer Like The Season, French Method, Sara Marie Barron

There's so much new coming out of Detroit this summer that I haven't been able to cover everything in depth. Nevertheless, I still wanted to use this blog as a platform to bring in some new ears to these tracks; presuming any readers coming to this post haven't heard any of these songs yet... I know these tracks aren't arranged into a handier playlist, so you won't be able to take these tunes on the go, but hopefully there are more than a few of you out there hunched intently over your laptops with snug headphones on......and if you're like me to track down the songs of these local artists, online, and spin them back a few times, getting lost in them, immersing yourself, taking it all in.....

Jerry Dreams put out their dazzlingly vibed-out psychedelically twangy and tuneful drifters on the California EP.

Black Shampoo released a new EP this weekend - with expressive, funky guitar jams wafting over mellow tempos that amble through valleys of atmospheric reverb and cool crooning vocals

Summer Like The Season blends a trippy electronica with crashes of post-rock percussion, funky bass rhythms and soaring/ethereal vocals

And Sara Marie Barron (pictured above^) has new music coming out August 15 at Willis Show Bar! Her piano-centric soul-pop is magnetic and elegant, feeling contemporary and throw-back simultaneously. You can preview her album here.

Oh, and this last one isn't new music, but The French Method are back together! Take a listen!

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