Friday, September 30, 2011

Gunk Music

...I've been re-reading Douglas Adams' brilliantly bent Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy... Which, during a scene of great imporbability, re-revealed to me these sonorous scenes, regardless of context - I felt a kindredness to some sort of similarity to the mad, keyed-up way in which I, myself, write about music...

"...wild, yowling noises of pipes and strings seared through the wind, hot doughnuts popped out of the road for ten pence each, horrid fish stormed out of the sky....they plunged through heavy walls of sound, mountains of archaic thought, valleys of mood music, bad shoe sessions and footling bats and suddenly heard a girl's voice....."
(Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy, p.81, Harmony Books, 1979) ...whilst later on, making intriguing/inspiring references to a- "gunk music..."

But then, for something completely different...yet still comparatively keyed-up...and "plunged" through "wild," "yowling," "sounds..."...
Those curious to see what happens when the plaintive pluck and swampy strum of bluegrass gets jolted by the self-descructive pedal-stomped accelerations of punk - then consider these genre-splicing upstarts, fresh off their Warped Tour victories, Larry & His Flask - who perform the Magic Stick, this coming Tuesday evening... (10/4) They've got the gusto and the graneur of banjo-slung troubaors, but their twangs and stomps are stirred and spilled fervently all about - blaring in brass and sweetening it up with huffed harmonies...
...that's "All That We Know..."

It looks and sounds like this:

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