Saturday, September 3, 2011


These blogs can get repetitive... the main rags, too, for that matter...

The indie-hip-experimentalists acts, whether its the long-heralded go-to's or the hot new something's, pop up and ride a consistent carousel of props from blogs based all around this town, leaving  other bands, damned talented musicians, to fall through the cracks, so to speak.

There's so many shores whereupon music fans can doc their live-show-bound boats, whether it's cliques, niches, scenes, whatever you wanna label 'em - from Jazz, to Hip/Hop and even still, Techno.

So I had to remind myself to write about what moves me - regardless of where it ranks on the credability of ballyhooing hipstoblogs...I have to remind myself to write not for a paycheck and not to peek the next-new-thing...

And this is a good weekend for that, considering its the one of the few opportunities local audiences can see a number of bands they wouldn't otherwise get the chance to (as dictated upon whatever channels, indie-rock, blues, hip/hop, through which their tastes have compelled them to swim). ((Setting aside, any snide blogger-bemoaning that this opportunity has to be so ostentatiously swathed with Corporate curtains and flooded with people who are probably just looking to get cheap BBQ wings...)

Still, there's so many bands - it might be your first time happening upon any...of them (even Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr, ...or whoever).

But -

Take the Reefermen. This band's been churning for more than a dozen years, (more, even), known for their covers mostly due to their wide range, having honed their craft and capacity for rock, soul, blues and funk... This band holds it down.

There's a gritty, blue-color nobility in the preservationist charm of these bands - Whereas other bands are throwing out their guitars, getting turn-tables, or trying to make a Yaz record, these bands have are bolstered by their monsastic study of the classics... the origins of rock - R&B and seminal blues - as well as quintessential funk, soul and Brit-pop.

More videos from the Reefermen - They play Monday Night 8pm on the Bud Light Stage

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