Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mixx Tape

Lo cal Mu sic
Internet digest...
There's enough noise roiling out there on the internet, sonic seeds blooming up from every inch of the known world, from any soul with the means (see: portable computer device), it's dangerously easy to overlook (to even be caught unaware) of the songs being written by your neighbors...

Here's a brief, humble round up of Detroit-new-ness:

Brilliant Violence - Spiritual Forest EP

Phantom Airmen - Sampler

Little Island Lake - Jawbones

Benjamin Miles & Eddie Logix - Play It Forward

or... try Streaming City Center's Lying To Second-Graders (via NPR Music)

or... download your digital copy of Prussia's Poor English -part 1 (the first four songs, offered on 10" vinyl, of a subsequent 3-part release)

Prussia: "Sleeper" (Prefix Premiere) by prefixmag

or... consider hip/hop duo Passalacqua, performing at the end of the month (9/29) @ the Pike Room in Pontiac...

Then again, you can see Passalacqua and much more live local music at this year's Dally in the Alley - take a look at the Dally line up for 2011

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