Monday, September 12, 2011

It Writes You

When MC Benjamin Miles "Begin(s) The World," he starts talking about lyrical bars that expose the most honest exhibition of one's self, one's experiences, one's perspectives, the bars that act as one's "rebuttal" to the world, and the presentation of one's self through that righteous and rhythmic cadence distinctive to the hip/hop beat - over the meticulous arrangements of Eddie Logix, utilizing 70's soul nocturnes, left-field space-bop jazz and psychedelic surf grooves.

Their new album, "Play It Forward," came out over the weekend on Five30 Music. Spliced samples are intricately lain under Miles' earnest confessions and cultural call-outs (see: "Sickness & Health"), weaving together breathy organs and sinuous brass as smooth as silk at some points but snaky and avant-garde at others, while Miles words and voice sound girded by a cool and assured confidence.

Miles cut his teeth with hip/hop collective Of Mice & Musician and will be a featured cameo on Passalacqua's forthcoming follow up, out sometime this season. Logix, meanwhile, has his own songs out that you can you can dig, as well as a recent collaboration with Mobil.

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