Wednesday, September 14, 2011


We played scenes / certain dreams / can make me stop and stare... But not so strong / to move along / and act like I don't care...

Melody and hooks over fuzz and pummel...
(Hospital Garden's Haunter)

Somewhat 2nd-cousins of the Michigan music scene, Chicago's Hosptial Garden have spent the last couple years honing their dashing drones of feedback, piston-punched percussion and bendy-twisty solos to further elevate a knack for that distinctively sweet/sour, exquisite/cacophonous sensibility akin to seminal indie-rock. The band look to augment both sides of their coins on this, the noise gets noisier, the punk-elements get punkier, the sweet melodies get more poignant and the softer ballads bring the vocals further up front for full articulated sentimental affect -

Hospital Garden - Rough Year by DC/Milo

-"Rough Year" flexes much more muscle, grit and gnarliness upon the growling guitars and their pedal-grated riffs eventually winding it's way, wildly into a theremin-yowled acceleration to the point where the song seems to start barrel-rolling over top of itself. "Midway" and "Ties" are both singed at their frames with acerbic feedback garnish, while "Pact" pares it back for a more nostalgic traipse that's not afraid to let in a bit of an Americana twang and march up to cathartic choruses.

Hear and Watch a live performance with Small Chicago, below...

Hospital Garden- Pact from Milk Products on Vimeo.

More info on Hospital Garden - @ Arts Vs. Entertainment

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