Sunday, March 22, 2015

Crappy Future - "Internet Caché

Call it what you will: fuzz-gnarled electro-psyche and funkified space-rock...

Crappy Future - Internet Caché

I think it's form of a form of folk music, anthems for a people put upon by an exasperating, corrupted and idle system, transmitted to us from a not-so-far-off Future that we're just not ready to love, yet...or from a parallel dimension we're certainly not ready to understand... 

That doesn't mean you can't vibe with this:

The melodies are playful and wobbily, the choruses (once you decipher through the vocoders and reverb) are anthemic and easy to singalong-with, the guitars sound cool and have some hooky riffs and then there's those dazzling saxophones purring and synthesizers oscillating over hand-clappable drum beats. 

Crappy Future's a Detroit-based quartet (Ben Audette, Scotty Iulianelli, Jeff Spatafora, Justin Walsh) that are hear to wake you up to how crappy this supposedly advanced civilization we've couched ourselves into really is...and warn us, melodically with furious synth/guitar intonations, of how crappy the future could yet become if we don't start opening our eyes... 

Until then, "Keep Working..."

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