Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Passalacqua - At The Party

"At The Party"

That warbling synth slaloming over the beats and through the wheezy flutes, it clasps together in an aural evocation of all the busy background noises and half-deciphered/over-your-shoulder shushes, gasps and outbursts one traffics through when they wend their way through a smoky, loud, crowded house, creaky floors and chipped paint, records spinning under luminescence of a lava lamp and....hey, what's that smell?

With fine production from Dr. B, one of Detroit's premier hip-hop projects, the Passalacqua, come back to the stage with this single, a smooth, subtle and sinuous provocation that follows up the roof-raising soul-eruption of last summer's Church. 

MC's Blaksmith and Mister have mastered the art of introspective/observational raps, 1 part self-deprecating/charismatic humor and 3 parts soul-staring self-contemplation; the weary-eyed attendant whose in the mix and moving to the beats but stewing through the knottier worries on his  mind as he finds a quiet second to cut to the chase of: what are we doing here... The poetry that picks apart another wasted night and implores the thinkers and the writers and the doers and those who can still give a care to not just willfully lose yourself to the empty pageantry of "...the party..." Where we wear a mask, sometimes or where we don't even know majority of the attendees. Social stress, man... Modern day anxie-ty at the party.... "Go the party..." To live your life for the party?

Passalacqua's Banglatown EP comes out on April 14th.
For more, check out Detroit Music Magazine's premier. 

photo by Mikel O.D. 

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